Creep (Positive Review)

Get ready folks, this review is a positive one.


Cube 2: Hypercube

I had no idea Cube had a sequel, but now that I know, I wish I didn't.

The Open House

**Hey folks! Welcome to all of the new subscribers! Thanks to those of you that were here before the hiatus for sticking with me through my catch-up session on my podcast. Now I'm back and will be including trivia and excerpts from interviews with the stars of each movie to add some gusto to my... Continue Reading →

Paranormal Activity

Synopsis: Katie and Micah are living in a huge house that is haunted by the ghost Katie has been encountering since her childhood. It's exactly like every "demon in my house" movie you've ever seen, only this one doesn't have music, it uses flashlights, and the camera shakes. Year Released: 2007 Director: Oren Peli Rating:... Continue Reading →


*Don't have time to read this review? It’ll be up on my podcast next week along with the others I’ve done. I often cover more there than you’ll read here, so be sure to tune in even if you decide to read this!* Synopsis: A movie about some people trapped in a maze of cubes... Continue Reading →

They Look Like People

Synopsis: A man named Wyatt believes he’s being contacted by a creepy deep voice at night on a broken cell phone. He soon learns that demons are all around him, disguising themselves as people. However, once the war the deep voice had promised arrives, nothing happens and we learn Wyatt simply has schizophrenia. *You already... Continue Reading →

Friend Request

**This movie deals with suicide, self-harm, implied sexual assault, and trichotillomania. If you decide you decide to watch it anyway, there are a few moments that triggered my trypophobia as well. If those are triggering for you, click these words for something much happier (or as a hilarious soundtrack to this review) and wait for... Continue Reading →

47 Meters Down

Synopsis: Two sisters are on a trip to Mexico. One day, Kate forces Lisa to go scuba diving with sharks. She’s not prepared whatsoever, has a panic attack before she’s even in the water, but does whatever she can to make her sister happy because she’s stupid. Year Released: 2017 Director: Johannes Roberts Rating: Nope... Continue Reading →

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